Friday, August 5, 2011


Steve and I got to take a dstrip of a life time this summer. We got to go out west. We had the BEST time. I will post more pics later but for now here is a sneak peek.

CK Convention

Well Steve and I went to the CK Convention today at the Opryland Hotel. It was really fun and I got to get some really good cartrides today. I can' wait to see what I come up with using them. i also got alot of distress inks and Jenni Bowlin inks. Here is a pic of what I got today.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Hello everybody I didn't think that it had been so long since my last post. There has been alot going on around here. First back in Mamy my baby brother got married and we had alot to do with that, then after that we had VBS at our Church. I am the director for VBS so I was tied up with that it was a week long of fun. Then when that was all over Steve and I decided that it was the right time to take a vacation. So we are on vacation now which we are driving across country to just see the west we have never been here so with the Lords help and timing we are taking the trip of a lifetime. Just thought I would drop in and say hi I will up load some of the trip later. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I can't wait to scrapbook this trip it's going to be a BLAST!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baby Girl Book

Here is a acrylic baby book that I fixed for Steve's cousins new baby.